ODH​-​S​-​0028​-​A Is This Love (Pt. I: Flipgroove Mixes)

by Flipgroove Ft. Jacqueline Kemp

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ODH-S-0028-A: Is This Love / (Part. 1: Flipgroove Mixes)
Flipgroove Ft. Jacquelin Kemp
π © 2016 Original Drum Hsi (G)
π © 2016 Flipgroove Prod.
π © 2016 Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)

01. Is This Love (Flipgroove Remix)
02. Is This Love (Rick Shaw Remix)
03. Is This Love (Rick Shaw Is This Dub Mix)
04. Is This Love (Flipgroove Original Mix)


The wait has come to an end! The long awaited "Is This Love" gets its official release!
"Is This Love", written by Rick Shaw & Jacqueline Kemp is a composition that has been held in the ODH Ark for quite some time. This song was one of the very first songs ever recorded at TanasetAku Temple… (Neter's studio.) The song, with its original mixes was shopped around to different labels, but due to the unfortunate poliTRIX & bullshyt in much of the "House" music community, "Is This Love" was never ok'd by Neter & Flipgroove to be released. Neter says he always knew "Is This Love" would see the "light of day", because it holds a special place for him. At the start up of the Original Drum Hsi label in 2011, "Is This Love" was originally set to be Flipgroove's 1st release on the label, but since new mixes were needed, Neter pushed it back & released "Caught Up" - by the same artist instead. Finally, & with brand new mixes, "Is This Love" is officially released!

Starting with Part. 1 of the release, we give you the Flipgroove mixes. Rick Shaw & Pat Mclain (Flipgroove,) come through 1st serving you the "Flipgroove Remix." One who is familiar with "Flipgroove" is one who knows that they have a signature sound, & this version has everything that makes the sound of this production team their very own. With Rick Shaw's classic programming, Pat Mclain's unmistakable bass playing, & the teams awesome orchestration, the "Flipgroove Remix" is full of sincere Soul!
Next there is the "Rick Shaw Remix." With this version, Rick gives you the classic New Jersey USA house vibe. Definitely guaranteed to thump on a system that can handle it LOUD! Also included on part 1 of the release are the original Flipgroove mixes: "Flipgroove Original Demo," & "Rick Shaw Is This Dub." These were the inaugural mixes of the composition. They have that gritty, raw sound that only true demo's of songs have, & they've been included with this release for all who love the freshness of a new production when it's fresh out of the forge.

As always, the core intentions & intertwined frequencies within the offerings from Original Drum Hsi are that of Balance, Positivity, Goodness & Vibrant Life Force.
This is music for all Souls & we hope you will receive this offering with the same frequencies of balance & goodness that it has been conjured with. We are sincerely grateful for your continued support & sharing freely of your energy with our offerings.
DwA w abt! (Du-ah Uoo - Ah-bet) (Much gratitude family!)

Special DwA (gratitude) to Ron Horton.


released November 26, 2016

Written by: Rick Shaw, Jacqueline Kemp, Neter Supreme
Lead & Backing Vocals: Jacqueline Kemp
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)
Also Recorded at Flipgroove Studio, Willingboro NJ, US
Original Vocal Editing by Ron Horton for Dungeon Prod.
All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, & Mixed by Rick Shaw & Pat Mclain for Flipgroove Prod.
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Bass, Vibe Arrangement & Orchestration: Rick Shaw & Pat Mclain

twitter: @NeterSupreme
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ORIGINALDRUMmusic
Instagram: Neter Supreme
Facebook: Neter Supreme



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