ODH​-​S​-​0017 Cosmic Asset - Pillow Hawk

by Cosmic Asset

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Original Drum Hsi is honored to present to the planet "Pillow Hawk" by Cosmic Asset. As ODH always comes strong, here we have another multi-vibrational release. The EP begins with "Pillow Hawk" the "Dreamlands Mixes". This version of the song is Cosmic Asset's rendition of the Sylvia (Sylvia Robinson A.K.A. The God-Mother Of Hip Hop) - timeless classic "Pillow Talk." Done in the style of Soulful Dance, with in-depth orchestration, instrument leads, powerful drum programming & rhodes & organ solos, this rendition honors the original musical concept while in the same area carrying it to another level. Next on this release are the "Stardust Mixes." These are the versions of the composition that speak more accurately to the songs title. Seen on the cover is a glyph of the Tasetian Neter Heru positioned over a headrest, which even the Wodaabe Tribe of Central & N. West Africa use to this very day. Written & performed by Original Drum Hsi's very own Nee-Tah Link, "Pillow Hawk" is about the true activities of a Soul while it gives rest to its human position & soars the Cosmos. As it was known long ago, a Soul is a piece or a particle of Eternity, & therefore it never sleeps or needs rest. The "Stardust Mixes" come flooded with Cosmic frequencies within spiritually hypnotic orchestration & of course strong percussion! The underlying energy & vibratory tone of "Pillow Hawk" is that of the Cosmos… BALANCED!, & one thing that a Soul owns, & is sure as gravity, is its Cosmic Assets! We extend this offering to you with hopes you will "Cosmically" receive it. DuaU abt! (Much gratitude family!)


released August 17, 2015

All Trks.: Conjured, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Neter Supreme for Original Drum Hsi (G)
Programming, Editing, Drums, Keys, Orchestration: Neter Supreme
Lead & Backing Vocals TRKS 3-5: Nee-Tah
Written by Neter Supreme / Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
π © 2015 Original Drum Hsi (G) / 2015 Nee-Tah Link Lyric (G)
All works recorded at TANASETAKU TEMPLE (Galactic Mut System)

Special Dua (gratitude) shouts to: Mut-Net-Jed & all that is balanced & knowing what it is. To all Aku spirits who took part in the bringing forth of this offering. To Mut-i, Alkmology, Gretchen Vereen, Tony Humphries, David A. Tobin, MattSki, DJ Sagi, Rated M, Rick Shaw, Culoe De Song, Brandon Delagraentiss, Lebohang Mohlaloha, Enoo Napa, XtetiQsoul, Ancestral Vybes & The Iklwa Bros. fam', Alpha & Olmega, Veja Vee Khali, Maugrabins Progetto, Jared "J-Cot-Society" Cotton, Chuck Moore, Shino Blackk, Myles Bigelow, Ben Johnson, Dave Montoya (Modern Soul Radio), Terry Hunter, Michael Fossati (SpiritOfHouse), Osunlade, Soul Summit, & to each Soul who supports Original Drum Hsi & Neter Supreme. DuaU! (Much gratitude!)



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